Language is one of the most complex communication tools that mankind has developed for centuries. In addition to linguistic features, such as grammar and syntax, each language has its own unique cultural specificities. The globalization of many areas of business requires that customers have access to products and services in their own language. The internationalization of Your business documentation, websites and software ensures You a large market and clear communication with Your customers. You need media to advertise Your products and services. Translation will take Your business to the extent of which You never thought of.

We are here to make multilingual reality and intercultural communication possible. No matter of the subject, content or the type of project, we handle everything. Professional. You can send Your documents or contents in different file formats. 

Canis Liberi provides You with written translations of all types of documents and papers and with a certificate of translation. 


Areas of translation...

  • Literature - You don’t need to be one of the Grimm brothers to share your work with wide population. Canis Liberi offers you cover design, book translation, translation of professional literature, translation of newspaper articles or your professional posts on social networks.
  • Publicity / marketing – social media content, product description, users reviews, ads, product presentations, language localization.
  • Tourism – language localization of websites, brochures, flyers and marketing campaigns.
  • Medicine - professional articles


Languages from which and to which we translate...


croatian to hungarian
croatian to english
croatian to german

engleski prijevod

english to croatian
english to hungarian
english to german

madjarski prijevod

hungarian to croatian
hungarian to german
hungarian to english

njemacki prijevod

german to croatian
german to hungarian
german to english


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