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Rummi – Dogg salon

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RUMMI, obrt za šišanje i njegu kućnih ljubimaca
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Logo Design

It is important to achieve visual communication with clients through the logo. What Rummi wanted to express to its clients was that, in addition to charm, their business also guarantees professionalism, trust, accessibility and relaxation.

The client's wishes were taken into account during designing and defining the brand. The goal was a youthful and modern design.

logo dizajn design rummi


Advertising Materials

How to attract customers? Promotion and advertising. As part of this project, the client opted for printed advertising material and "external" advertising - illuminated advertising. As part of the printed materials, we designed the flier and the business card.

flyer design dizajn letka rummi salon za pse
posjetnice vizitke rummi salon za pse
oslikavanje izloga rummi salon za pse
svjetleća reklama rummi



In addition to the Facebook page and Instagram profile, the client also decided on the website. The website follows a palette of colors and simplicity and at the same time exudes professionalism. Creating and designing a website is an important step of any business because the website itself helps to create brand awareness and present the brand to potential customers.

web stranica rummi salon za pse
dizajn letka flyer design futura-it
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