Proofreading / Formatting

ProDIgY Handbook

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lektura teksta prijelom hrvatksi jezik
High School Isidor Kršnjavi, Našice
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Proofreading and Formatting

During the engagement in the "ProDIgY" project, we played a key role in proofreading the text and formatting the pages of a manual dedicated to the design and production of electronic circuits. The collaboration was established in partnership with the project leader, Isidora Kršnjavoga High School Našice, and the company "Soldered Electronics d.o.o." from Osijek, which is responsible for the authorship contribution.

Working on the "ProDIgY" manual was an opportunity to align expertise and linguistic precision, contributing to the quality of educational material in the field of electronics.

lektura teksta hrvatski jezik


Book Cover Design

Drawing inspiration from the world of electronics, we crafted the visual identity for the cover of the "ProDIgY" book, perfectly reflecting the sophistication and modernity of the subject matter. With a brilliant balance between innovation and professionalism, our design emphasizes the significance of circuit design through aesthetic appeal and visual allure.

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