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Congress of Radiologic Technology

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kongres radiološke tehnologije poreč brendiranje

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Services: Logo, web banner, Roll-Up banner, bookmark, accreditation.

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Radiology Technology Congress with international participation was held last year, October 17th in Poreč under the slogan "Saper vedere" or "Know how to see". These are the words that guided the great L. Da Vinci on his journey of discovering man and his life. Therefore, it is not negligible to keep in mind these words of his.

A profession typically rooted in shades of gray is here presented through colors - playful yet tastefully combined and harmonized. The visual representation is in stark contrast to reality, revealing what lies beneath the surface, just as Da Vinci observed not only the exterior but also what constitutes one's inner self and the world.

The finalized visual identity is attractive and thematically appropriate and connects forms, details and motifs - it combines art and science.

tipografija baleta boja brendiranje branding radiološki kongres
Logo - idea, typography and color palette
bookmark akreditacija dizajn radiološki kongres poreč 2021
Bookmark and accreditation for 4th Congress of Radiologic Technology with international participation
kongres radiološke tehnologije poreč roll-up banner
Design of Roll-Up banner
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