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Simply Sell More

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Services: Proofreading, illustrations, page breaks, preparation for offset printing, preparation for E-Book.

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What do small craftsmen and entrepreneurs live on? - From the sale of their services.

What do designers, proofreaders, translators live on? - From selling knowledge. What is knowledge in that case? What is sold - a service.

The book "Simply Sell More" talks about that - about selling service. No matter what the service is. Do you do web design? Proofreader or translator? A white goods seller? No matter. Your goal is to sell knowledge or a product.

These are facts we’ve been familiar with before but we’ve stepped a little further out of the box. Preparing illustrations for the book “Simply Sell More”, proofreading and a few additional readings taught us how to attract customers with simple tricks. But most important of all from an experienced salesperson, through his vivid dialogues, we learned how to keep customers. The author of the book, Laszlo Becskei, presented the recently mentioned book which brings together all the useful tips on how to become and remain a successful salesman.

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