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dizajn letka flyer design futura-it
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Logo Design

Technical logo with sharp contours - futurum or the future. The focus was on futuristic features - the sharpness between yesterday and tomorrow. This is how sharp lines could be interpreted.

logo dizajn design futura-it


Print Media

In his advertising materials, the client emphasized the importance of emphasizing carbon fiber patterns. When creating an image, it is very important to remain consistent in your visual identity. For that reason we are still guided by futuristic elements - geometric and sharp lines. Blue is brought to the fore here as the base color and is combined with darker shades, almost black.

dizajn letka flyer design futura-it
dizajn letka flyer design futura-it
dizajn posjetnica vizitki futura-it


T-Shirt Design

Dragon - power, wisdom, strength and hidden knowledge. It is also a symbol of chaos, indomitability. What else is the gaming world, the world of computers, than the chaos of ones and zeros. The design is made up of binary code - 1 and 0. The symbolism is clear - simple as zeros and ones - the meaning is hidden in the chaos and it is up to you to look for it.


Vehicle Wrap Design

Consistency in the visual identity is visible here as well - blue, in the foreground, mixes in transitions with dark shades. This transition is a symbol of the wind - speed and loyalty to the direction in which Futura IT is moving.

oslikavanje vozila dizajn naljepnice vozila vehicle wrap design
Vehicle wrap futura-it oslikavanje vozila
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