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T-Shirt Design

The design of the t-shirt follows the symbolism of the human anatomy - the processor takes the place of the heart, because it is the one that drives the computer. All the parts are then interconnected and function together to create a whole. Colors and lines follow the brand.

dizajn majice t-shirt design


Advertising Materials

The illuminated totem design follows the previously designed window graphics. Typography and colors are also related to the previous design. The modern and simple appearance of the totem attracts attention, and it serves as a professional business card to passers-by and strengthens the brand itself.

totem svjetleća reklama bits and bytes
vizitke posjetnice dizajn design visit cards


PC Packaging Design

The desired aesthetics and functionality of the PC packaging was discussed with the client. Several designs were devised that follow the brand's theme, and the shown packaging was chosen as the final product. The claws that unify the design of the box symbolize the beast - exactly the one that is inside it.

dizajn kutije za pc bits and bytes računala racunala.hr
rummi web mockup web design
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