Baranja - Living on the edge

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baranja život na rubu knjiga prijevod lektoriranje teksta

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Services: Translation from Hungarian to Croatian, translation from Croatian to Hungarian.

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baranja luka jakopčić prijevod mađarski hrvatski
baranja luka jakopčić prijevod mađarski hrvatski

Baranja - Living on the edge

Life is the only way to create life. Existence is the only way to create history.

We all know something about history but the inhabitants of Croatian Baranja know a little bit more about its existence and creation. The historian Luka Jakopčić dedicated a book entitled "Baranja - Living on the edge" to them. The book was presented on the 100th anniversary of Croatian Baranja and the publisher is Osijek-Baranja County.

For centuries peoples have met here, cultures and traditions have permeated, a common history has been created. Researching historical material was an interesting and extensive work, even for us translators. Hungarians wrote a lot about Baranja due to their historical affiliation. The job of the translator was to research, single out and translate what is closely related to the history of the area that is today called our Baranja. Hungarian sources shed light on distant and recent history and our task as a translator was to translate Hungarian manuscripts and books into Croatian to summarize briefly and to observe with satisfaction the creation of a historical work.

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