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5. Congress of Radiologic Technology

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5. Congress of Radiologic Technology
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Branding and Logo Design

Our creative vision for branding the "5th Congress of Radiological Technology with International Participation" held in Dubrovnik was focused on creating symbolism that emphasizes the subtle elegance and expertise of the event. In crafting the logo, printed materials, web banners, and mouse pad design, we meticulously balanced the visual identity with geometric shapes arranged in an abstract manner and sophisticated colors.

Our logo represents subtle symbolism that conveys the essence of the congress. Through carefully selected geometric shapes and a combination of colors, we achieved a harmonious visual expression that reflects innovation, expertise, and the global connectivity of radiological technology.

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Web Banner

The main web banner of the event's official website represents a harmonious blend of geometric shapes and colors. Green and gold dominate the design, creating a striking and sophisticated digital presence.

The web banner not only presents key information but also invites visitors to engage through its intriguing design. Geometric elements are subtly positioned to encourage interaction and active participation.


Mouse pad

The mouse pad represents a fusion of practicality and aesthetics. Geometric shapes combined with emerald green and gold create a workspace that exudes both elegance and functionality.

In addition to providing comfort while using the mouse, the mouse pad also serves as a subtle promotion of the congress. Its design captures attention, making the workspace more inspiring and linked to the congress identity.

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