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3d vizualizacija interijera. Vizualizacija stana
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3D Interior Visualization

The project includes a 3D visualization of a complete 86 square meter apartment, which comprises seven different rooms: living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway, toilet, bathroom, study, and bedroom. The aim of the project was to create realistic visualizations of the space to help the client better visualize how the space will look in reality.

Each part of the space was elaborated in detail with special attention to colors, materials, furniture, and lighting, achieving a high level of detail and precision.

As mentioned, this project aimed to provide the desired results to the client. Therefore, it was important to ensure that all details were aligned with their requirements and needs. It was necessary to ensure proper space distribution, practicality, and functionality, all with the goal of creating a comfortable and appealing environment.

In the end, the project resulted in a series of 3D visualizations that proved to be very useful in decision-making and space planning before the start of construction work. Thanks to this project, the client was able to see how the space would look in reality and make informed decisions about future steps.


360° Virtual Tour

The finalized 3D visualization was prepared for a panoramic 360° walkthrough review from multiple angles.

It is possible to zoom in/zoom out by clicking + or -, switch to full screen by clicking on [ ], or change the view angle by clicking the arrows placed in the 3D space.

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