Language localization aims to disseminate product information in different languages and cultures. As Your broker, between the products or the services You offer, it is our duty to gather all the knowledge about the service or product and adapt it to the required area. The main goal is to adjust the product information and disseminate it where the service or product will be sold.

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Fields of language localization...

Localization of the Consumer and Retail Industries - Consumer and Retail Industries strives to reach out to many people to sell their products and services. If retail businesses want to expand they need to expand the scope of activities to foreign markets. We offer translations of marketing campaigns, brochures and flyers, websites, web shops and packaging.

Software Localization – One of the key aspects of any piece of software is that users know how to use it properly. Translating your software into multiple languages can help ensure that no customer feels left out. Software Localization includes translation of the user interface as well as the specific changes based on the location and culture of different users.

Games – With the increasing level of globalization and the video game industry, the need for professional services localization of games are increasingly larger and larger.

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