E-books, games and music are part of our learning process. The secret to progress is the beginning and it is up to You to dare to begin. Forget long lectures and sitting in an uncomfortable chair. Canis Liberi offers You education from the comfort of Your own home. All lectures and required materials are provided through online platforms which makes learning easier and more relaxing.

We offer You preparation for the state matura, e-education in foreign languages, language instruction for elementary or secondary school. It is up to You to decide if You want to learn from the comfort of Your home or at a school desk.



Why E-education?

Freedom and flexibility – The learning experience is faster and more cost-effective and all of that creates a comfortable and personalized training that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

24/7 access to all learning materials – Learning materials are always available to students on a shared platform. Individual approach to every student and content is shaped according to ones needs and opportunities.

Interactive learning – Educational games are part of education, a blend of education and fun. Learning through play is considered one of the most effective learning techniques.

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